Friday, 16 July 2010

The Art of saying Thank You: Squerryes part 2

I absolutely love my job- but it is incredibly hard work and stressful at times- particularly weddings as the pressure to get everything just perfect and to meet the brides expectations is huge.

Therefore, when you recieve a thank you letter after a wedding- it makes me feel that it was all worth it, as I made someones day. This letter from Lara's Mum- Mrs Suttie is so lovely.

"Dear Nicola,
I called to see you on Sunday but you were out, I wanted to thank you personally for the magnificent flowers you provided for my Daughters Wedding.

Your arrangements were superb and commented on, and admired by all present. (Even the caters who have done alot of weddings told me they had never seen such lovely flowers as these!) You certainly contributed to making Laras dayperfect and I am extremely grateful to you.

The buttonholes, Lara's bouquet and the martini design were all first class, not to mention the two tall arrangments at the church which we then had at our table.

We had some of the flowers here and my resisdents have all enjoyed their beauty, you have been recommended! I have taken photos of all the flowers as I doubt I shall see such a wonderful display again.

With great appreciation for all your hard work and care. From Susan. "

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