Monday, 26 July 2010

Monochrome Wedding

24th July was Rebecca Eaton's wedding. With a modern theme of black and white, I was looking forward to arranging a monochrome theme.

Rebecca held a classic shower bouquet of ivory roses an white lizzy. Although shower bouquets are more traditional, I made it to look more modern by using very limited foilage and compacting the flowers together.

The bridesmaids wore black satin dresses, they held hand tied modern posies of white roses, lizzy and white gerberas with black centres.

There was wisps of black grass and the stems were bound in matching black satin ribbon. They looked really striking.
Altogether the overall effect was lovely.

Rebecca had a church ceremony followed by a reception at the Marriott Hotel in Bexleyheath.

It was an informal recpetion and the ocassional tables were dressed with goldfish bowls filled with domes of white flowers with loops of modern black grass.

I also arranged two large displays on the buffet table which looked great. They were elevated domes on cylinders filled with crushed ice.
The cake was lovely, which I compliemented by arranging a cascading posy for the top tier.

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