Friday, 18 June 2010

Bradbourne House Part 2

The Summer Open Evening at Bradbourne House was a big success! It was a lovely summer's evening and the house and grounds looked great in the sunshine.

After setting up in the main ballroom, the B2B's (Brides to be) began to arrive. They were greeted by a toast master and a glass of bucks fizz-how nice and the smell from the BBQ outside was drawing them all in.

I had decided to go for a pretty summer theme on my stand. Firstly because it was perfect for a summers evening and also I love the look and it summerises my style and love for femine flowers.
I made an array of samples from a tall fluted vase of deplhinuim and hydrangea, to a pretty birdcage in pink and peach.

Sharon, the Venues lovely Wedding coordintor had asked me to dress one of the breakfast tables as it would be on the big day, as it helps to give the "finished look to the Brides" I chose to go with an amethyst colour as it is going to be a big trend for next years bookings. The linen provided by Amicio Linen They specialise in luxury linen with elegant brocade/damask textures.

I wanted to show off this luxury look and went full out with an elegant crystal studded candelabra! Against the vivid blue it looked excellent!
I also added small votives of flowers as favours and finished off the luxury napkins with even more luxury ribbon! WOW

I had also set up some flowers in the Green drawing room where the smaller ceremonies take place. In here I went for a subtle pale pink, ivory and green scheme to set off the room. I think that it so important to compliment the surrounding decor- si bear this in mind B2B's when looking at your venues!

I created a centrepiece for the fireplace with pretty Hurricane vases filled with moss and hydrangea. The complimentry chair covers showed off the best colours that work in that room pink, green, ivory and chocolate brown.

Thank you to all the lovely B2B's who chatted to me on the night- I am looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

I am now planning my next Exhibition on October 17th at Sundridge Park, Bromley... Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bradbourne House

17th June, you will see me exhibit at a new venue for me- Bradbourne House, in East Malling.
The house is holding a summer open eveing for all prospective Brides to be this year and next...and I believe the year after that!

I have decided on a theme which I will keep a secret for now and will let you know how I get on later...

Join me if you can its on 6pm- 9pm

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wedding with a Wow!

This weekend was the wedding of Sally-Anne and Ian. I met this lovley couple last september at a wedding exhibition in Bromley. Both Sally-Anne and Ian had strong ideas of what kind of look they wanted for their wedding at Sundridge Park Mansion.
I love this venue- the drive through the golf course feels like it is never going to end and then finally you arrive at the gorgeous house and grounds. This time the ceremony was held in the Blue room, with the amazingly high ceilings. I had the chair covers to do as well as the flowers so had a busy morning! I had Dan (new hubby- who is now very keen on weddings after having his own!) helping me.

The theme was deep purple and Ian (being a graphic designer) had designed some amazing stationary and invites which had their initials on and a flock pattern. The bridesmaids wore deep purple knee length dresses and this set the scene for the flowers.
Sally-Anne held a hand tied bouquet of white calla lilies with deep purple lisianthus. I created a twist by adding beads to bear grass which bounced beautifully as she walked! I found the perfect ribbon, which I bound the stems with. It had virtually the same pattern on it as Ian had designed!

The flowers had to be modern and striking to work as a contrast to the House and therefore I choose a vivid lime green to go with the purple and white. After a bit of persuasion towards Ian-as to which flowers would work the best- the modern look began to come together. Structured foliage and clean cut glass, lined with wire, were sentences to used to describe the look.

The flowers were based around the striking Alliums with arum lilies, roses, and lisianthus. The above displays were set on the ceremony table and then moved to the top table. I think the ideas of having vases is great as so many bride and grooms tables have a traditional oval shape arrangement whilst all their guests have stunning centrepieces!
The boys all began to arrive- cool, calm and collected....They didn't stay cool for long as it was getting hotter by the minute and they were wearing morning suits! They looked great and Ian's buttonhole had a wicked "barbed wire" finish.

The reception was held in the garden room and this is where the WOW was. Tall glass lined with wire held arrangements of flowers from the theme. They were nearly 2 metres tall and filled the room with drama. It was a great colour against the pale walls and looked stunning.

I loved the personal touches that this couple had at their wedding and they had spent a lot of time getting it right. eg they had made cd's of their favourite songs as favours and wrapped them up in matching paper. and each table was named after a band that they had seen with the guests. I must mention the cheeseboard to- love it!

The new "Mr and Mrs Cole" sent me a lovely thank you card and was over-whelmed with her bouquet. I am soooo glad you had a wonderful day- you deserved it. Congratulations. x