Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bowls full of roses and oh so pretty posies

7th August was the wedding of Gemma and Keiran at St George's in Chislehurst followed by a reception at Coombe Bank, Westerham.

The colour scheme was a gorgeous blush pink and dusky pink. The flowers were to be soft and blousy and be full of romance! My kind a wedding...

Gemma held a hand tied dome of summer blooms- so soft and blousy with peonies, roses and lizzy. The smell was as good as the look to. The soft varigated foilages gave a frilly look to the bouquet which almost looked like lace.

The girls wore two tone dresses and the dusky rose matched just perfectly. The hint of lme green lifted the colour a gave a lovley summer twist. When the girls sore their flowers they were overwhlemed which is so lovely.

After the Ceremony the wedding breakfast was held at Coombe bank. The room is a blank canvas with soft cream walls and alcoves which were draped with white fabric, it looked pretty before the flowers went in.

Bowls full of full bloom roses with soft green foliages filled the room with colour and romance- a real transformation of the room! The bowls were surrounded by rose petals which tied in lovley with the favours of scented rose petal sweeties!

The large sash windows which looked out onto the grounds were dresses with white lanterns and even more rose petals.

Finally I dressed the three tiered cake with compact rose heads and a top tier posy. Romance was definatly in the air. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Smith!


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